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     "A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist."
                                                - Louis Nizer (1902-1994)

     Welcome to my website. I am a landscape artist and rustic craftsman living and working in the Berkshire Hills of New England. My craft has been evolving since 1982 when I put down the chain saw and the maintenance rake and decided to try to make a living creatively. I've been at it ever since.
     What started out as one of many experiments in style and focus, rustic work has turned into one of my primary interests. I still work with landscape design, stone and tile, water gardens, decks, fences, interior painting and general carpentry, but working with wood in a rustic style has certainly tickled my fancy most these past many years. 
     What is the rustic style?  It could be explained as working closely with the forms of nature. Those forms could be rough cut boards used in a simple country style to fine elaborate furniture and architectural structures using branches and logs.  I've built everything from candlesticks to entire buildings in the rustic style.
     Whether it's called rustic or not, I do love working with wood and stone, and as you will see by the photo galleries, my approach is very much an organic one.  Though I am at home with large scale landscaping and carpentry projects I have a special love of the small and quirky.  Whether it's a small deck off the side porch of a Victorian home, a stone wall near the base of a waterfall, a fireplace mantle in a log home, or a Japanese garden with a Torii gate, it will be done with a sense of élan and skill.
     My creative sensibilities, over 35 years in the making, are based very much in nature, and in the non-symmetric yet balanced aesthetic of the Eastern mind.  I gravitated towards Japanese landscaping well before I became a Japanese Tendai Buddhist priest in 2005. And much like I chose the name Tamarack over 40 years ago before I had any interest in working with wood, so it seemed I had an Asian sensibility long before I invested in the study of it. 
     Please take the tour, and give me a call if any of these examples pique your interest and get you to thinking.  I'd be pleased to work with you!

Photo Credit: Andrew Stern

Tamarack Garlow
Canaan, NY

Cell                 413 429-7005
Evenings         518 781-0446
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